Years ago, when your elders were but children, Thrasus was a glorious nation. Governed by an immensely powerful Mages’ Guild, it the envy of all its neighbors, excelling in scientific, political and military might. At the height of its power, the capital city guild was on the brink of discovering a new technology that would hurdle Thrasus even farther beyond the rest of the world. However, tragedy struck without warning.

It is difficult to discern exactly what caused it as accounts of the disaster have only been passed down orally, but the effects were clear. Most of the city was engulfed in what some witnesses have described as an enormous black vortex, laying waste to everything it consumed, incinerating any poor soul not fast enough in its wake. A few swift individuals fled, but before many could react, the streets were flooded with a new enemy. These “metal men,” immune to traditional attacks, took no prisoners as they spread through the city. Strangely, once they had driven out every last human from the bounds of the city, they stopped at the gates and made no sign of advancing any further.

Without a governing body, other cities quickly descended into anarchy, laying waste to the Mages’ Guild’s buildings, if there was one, and adjacent countries began to press into the land unopposed.

To save his home, a hero named Parthasus rose up and took authority. He gathered the remnants of the Thrasian army to hold the attacks at bay, quelled the resistance in the rebelling towns, and most importantly he took a firm grip on the Mages’ Guild. From then on the guild operated under the strict eye of the new king. Parthasus’s next step was to attempt communication with the “metal men” from the capital, by then dubbed Metrons. With verbal communication impossible, it was difficult to determine what they wanted, but it became clear they were interested in two things: trade and remaining inside the walls of the city while keeping all humans out. They seemed interested in the knowledge we imparted concerning the workings of our magiks and in turn they shared with us their secrets of machinery.

Now, though the king has aged greatly, Thrasus is once again gaining power. With many technological breakthroughs occurring from melding our magiks with machine, we are once again a formidable opponent to our neighbors who can only point fingers at each other for taking our land in times past.

Recently, there have been reports of strange attacks on small towns around the kingdom. At first they were ignored and deemed unimportant, but the most recent is the third of its kind this season. You, our heroes, are under the employment of S.E., an independent investigation agency. You have been assigned a mission contracted directly by the senate, and as this is the highest paying job S.E. has ever come upon. You had best be thorough and get answers at all costs.

Glyphs and Gears

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