Glyphs and Gears

Into the Mountain

Our hero’s reach Canton, a fishing village at the foot on Kazr Mountain, nationally know for its abundance of the rare rockfish. At Canton, Jasper, a strong man in both arm and heart, briefs Theodor and Charles on the events they were assigned to investigate. Apparently as some of the last men were hauling in their nets by the mountain stream one night, they were set upon by a pack of terrifying beasts! These dog like beasts attacked the men, and the few town soldiers came to the defense only to see their swords dent and bounce off of their metallic skin. The soldiers were forced to fall back after multiple were slain, and the ‘dogs’ pushed forward into two of the closest houses, slaughtering the inhabitants. When the townsfolk realized they had no hope, a booming unintelligible voice seemed to call them back from the mountain. After relaying this information, Theodor and Charles began their investigation of the town, they searched the attack site to see strange claw marks in the ground, and the guards presented them with one of the dead beasts. It seemed to be something like a mechanical dog, with a dagger plunged into its head. After Theodor tinkered with a few gears he could see from the neck of the beast, they investigated the small waterfall at the edge of the mountain bordering the village. Charles decided to search through the waterfall, and discovered a secret passage leading into the mountain. After retrieving Theodor, they ventured down the passage, eventually seeing strange markings on the walls. After travelling even farther, they came upon a room, lit by many strange looking ticking lanterns, and many strange tribal art on the wall. They depicted many scenes involving odd looking dogs attacking people, and the pictures culminated into one large picture of many humans seeming to bow to an enormous man with strange joints. In the middle of the room there was also an odd pillar, only about 4 feet high, with a small circle coming vertically out of the top like a ring, and on the wall behind this hole there is an engraved outline of a door with XII marked in the middle, surrounded by what look to Theodor like glyphs, but non he has ever seen, and they were all dull and gave him a broken feeling. When the two were leaving the tunnel back into the village, as they approached the waterfall, they heard the sound of a battle horn blow from outside. They hurried to the exit to see the town being attacked by a band of goblins! Charles jumped down to the level of the fight and charged into combat to assist the teenage soldiers and the few veterans left, while Theodor stood on the small plateau making use of his crossbow. During this fight, it they saw Jasper battling a goblin warboss on the other side of the river in town. With the help of our hero’s, they goblins were repelled, and as the wounded Jasper struck a killing blow to the warboss, the adventurers were finally at ease.



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