Theodor Flickt Ritzen

A man of integrity, spirit, and all the ladies.


Theodore Flickt Ritzen

Height: 3’4” Weight – 38lbs

Race: Gnome Size: S Gender: Male Age: 23 Alignment: Chaotic Good

Languages: Common, Gnome, Sylvan, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Abyssal

STR 13 +1

DEX 17 +3

CON 18 +4

INT 17 +3

WIS 15 +2

CHA 17 +3

HP: 11

AC: 14 Flatfooted: 11 Touch:14

Initiative: +3 Speed: 20ft

Base Attack Bonus: 0

CMB: 0 CMD: 13

Fort: +4 Reflex: +5 Will: +4


Appraise(INT) 7 Craft(INT) – Clockwork 9 Knowledge(INT) 7 Linguistics(INT) 7 Perception(WIS) 8 Slight of Hand(DEX) 7 Use Magic Device(CHA) 6

Feats: Rapid Reload

Attacks: Light Crossbow – +4 – 1d6+2 – crit 19-20 – 80ft – 2lb – Piercing

40 bolts – 2lbs

Pimp Stick – +2 – 1d4+1 – crit x2 – 1lb – Bludgeoning

Butterfly Knife – +2 – 1d3+1 – crit 19-20 – .5 lb – Piercing/Slashing

Abilities: Low-light vision

Gear: Backpack 1 lb, Flint & Steel, Ink Pen, Paper (10 sheets), Spectacles w/ magnifying glass (+2 to appraise), Homburg Hat .5 lbs, Pickpocket’s Outfit (+2 to hiding objects) 1.5 lbs, Steel Mirror, Pantograph 1 lb, Pocket Watch .5 lbs, Masterwork Artisan’s Tools 2.5 lbs, Sherlock pipe + stash, Wrist Sheath (2) 1 lb.

Total Weight: 13.5 lbs

4 Scribe Pts


Glyph of Detection

Glyph of Reading

Burning Glyph

Arcane Mark

Glyphs Known:

Glyph of Lesser Bursting 1d8+1 per CL, 1d6+1 per CL for adjacent squares

Glyph of Minor Healing 1d8+1

Capacity Load: light 38lb medium 39-75lb heavy 76-113lb

Wallet: 10G


As a young orphaned prodigy Theodor’s penchant for disassembling complex items was at first a very expensive nuisance to his inner-city caretakers. He often would find the most complicated mechanism in the orphanage and completely dismantle it, hoarding the trinkets and cogs he would find inside. This was his pastime as a toddler, much begrudged by his keepers. It was not until he had passed the age of six that the orphanage began to realize that his fascination with machinery was something much greater than a mere childhood “fascination.”

Already quiet versed in several languages and able to write clearly and quickly by the age of six, Theodor’s caretakers knew that he was very gifted. Several days after his birthday the janitor of the orphanage came across something extraordinary. Theodor, late at night had snuck into the headmaster’s quarters. There, while being watched silently by the janitor, he was seen removing something small from the headmasters nightstand and quietly he shuffled back towards the door. The janitor disdained the headmaster (much like everyone else in the house) and determined it best to keep this experience to himself, moving quickly along before Theodor could notice him.

The next day, needless to say, the headmaster was furious! He demanded all orphans to file in a line and have all quarters and persons searched for his “sacred” watch. Within moments Theodor realized his mischief had lost its guile and so he quickly produced the desired watch.

Upon inspection of his stolen watch, the young Theodor witnessed the headmaster’s face grow from a subtle hue of pink to a fiery red in a matter of seconds. This reaction however was not all that unjustified. What the headmaster had found was his watch scrawled with all sorts of illegible deep scratches, a strange new face to his watch, and the very snot-nosed kid who had done it all; snickering right before him.

Obviously Theodor was severely punished for his actions and disciplined by solitary confinement for several long days. During that period however, the headmaster had taken his nearly destroyed watch to the Mage Guild’s clock worker to see if any of the damage could be reversed. The clock worker took a day or two to get around to the watch he was planning to refurbish, but upon a quick appraisal of the damage he immediately recognized that the “scrawls” were not mere child scratches but were instead rudimentary glyphs. He also noticed the clock face displayed curious units and numbers in place of the standard hands of a common pocket watch.

The clock worker, intrigued, quickly took this strange artifact to the guild’s clockwork council for further inspection. After investigation and deliberations the council determined the once strange watch to indeed be a counter of time, but rather than the hands and units revolving through a twelve hour cycle as it would normally, it appeared to be counting time on a yearly basis with the display giving a time several days short of a full year.

After their inspection the guild sent a representative to inform the headmaster that he had been in possession of an unregistered magical item and was to be heavily fined for his possession. Taken aback the headmaster quickly retrieved Theodor and informed the representative of his sole involvement in the alteration of the watch. In tears Theodor told both the representative and the headmaster that he meant it only as a prank; the idea of the prank had been formulated when the headmaster has completely forgotten Theodor’s birthday and instead had sentenced him to hard chores. The clock had only been meant to be a cryptic reminder of Theodor’s birth date… This confession did not serve to appease the headmaster and shortly after the had representative left (leaving the written fine with the headmaster) the cruel old man devised an even more wicked set of chores for the six year old Theodor to accomplish.

Within several hours however, a new representative came to the door of the orphanage. This time he was dressed more as a magistrate than a standard representative. This new representative of the guild requested a conference with the headmaster. The terms were simple. All fines would be dropped if the headmaster would sign Theodor over to the guild immediately. ecstatic that his fines would be dropped and that someone was finally willing to take in a gnome child the headmaster promptly agreed and signed Theodor’s transfer to the Mage Guild’s care.

Theodor has advanced more quickly through the ranks of the guild than any of his predecessors and has recently, at the age of 23, been titled the youngest graduate of the Mage’s Guild in history. He is currently under assignment as an apprentice under the Guild’s “Head Start” internship program.

Theodor Flickt Ritzen

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